What Are The Most Recent Major Developments In Your Area?

The area of history I am focused on is on the causes of the downfall of great Empires throughout human history. This fascinates me greatly, since I am eager to learn what can cause a flourishing civilization to collapse under its own weight out of seemingly nowhere in many cases.

For my phd thesis writing, I will be focused on the ethnic tensions within The Habsburg, Romanov, Soviet and Ottoman Empires. The reason why I am choosing to focus on these empires is due to the fact that there were many struggles to contain the ethnic strife within these Empires, along with ethnic tensions being one of the proposed reasons for the downfall of these empires.

There have been many major developments in my topic area. In regards to the Ottoman and Habsburg empires, there have been recent archaeological advancements to further give us insight into the ethnic struggles within their Empires. I am certain to use this information in my research.

Furthermore, written contemporary accounts have been under heavy scrutiny by modern academics to see how big of an effect ethnic tensions had on the downfall of these empires. These new insights into these contemporary accounts provide great information for me to include in my research.

Best Tips For Help With Writing A Thesis

As a new student to writing thesis papers, I struggled greatly. One of the main facets about thesis writing is that you are expected to independently learn and research material with little assistance from your supervisor.

This can be a large obstacle to overcome for many students. Although undergraduate studies try their best to prepare you for this part of academia, many students will find it extremely tough to adjust to.

As such, it is highly recommended that when you write PhD thesis papers, you prepare a well laid out plan and outline.

Finding A Great Thesis Helper

As mentioned before, it can be tough to write a thesis. As a consequence, it is highly recommend that you seek out thesis help to assist you in the process of conducting your research.

The best way in which to do this is by going through a writing agency. They will employ professional writers who have been writing for other students for a number of years.

As you can see, there have been many major breakthroughs in my area of research, and I hope to include these developments into my research.