How Does Your Work Relate To The Area Of Studies?

My thesis on the topic of the ethnic tensions with The Habsburg, Romanov, Soviet and Ottoman empires will explore the many similar aspects that these empires shared that led to their potential downfall. To ensure that I achieve high marks for my work, I will acquire some thesis help.

I am, personally, a big believer in learning from the lessons that history has taught us. As such, due to the highly globalised world we live in, I feel that we can learn a whole deal from examining previous empires that were diverse in their ethnic make up.

My area of studies, within history, deal with the downfall of empires, and I have, during my undergraduate, learned on the downfalls of various great empires such as the Roman Empire. As you can see, my thesis research topic relates very nicely with the area of history I wish to expertise in.

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The area of study for my thesis links in very nicely with my general interest in history since my research requires finding out the downfall of several great empires, and my general interest in history is about reading the causes for the downfall of great empires.