Which Of These Does Your Research Address?

As you may have read previously, my research is based on the ethnic tensions that existed within The Habsburg, Romanov, Soviet and Ottoman empires. There were many similarities within these empires that make their comparison apt for my research.

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There are many debates and issues that are the main topics of concern for modern academics in regards to this topic, however my research will aim to address whether or not it was the ethnic tension within these empires that led to their downfalls.

As you may know, all of these empires covered a vast territory, and with that, came a diverse population. Sometimes, as is the case of the Ottoman Empire, you had many different ethnicities and religions being ruled by one ethnic and religious group.

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As you can see, the main focus of my thesis paper will be on whether or not ethnic tensions was what led to the downfall of The Habsburg, Romanov, Soviet and Ottoman empires. To successfully do this, I will rely on the help of a thesis writer.