What Motivated And Inspired You To Carry Out This Research?

As you may know, I have decided to carry out research on the ethnic tensions that existed within The Habsburg, Romanov, Soviet and Ottoman empires. These were vast empires, spanning a large area in their prime and thus encompassed various ethnic groups within their borders.

As such, it is interesting to see whether or not these ethnic tensions led to the downfall of these great empires. To assist me with this research, I have hired a thesis writer that has given me many great sources to draw upon for my research.

There are many reasons that have motivated and inspired me to carry out this research; firstly, today’s world is becoming extremely globalized, with people moving across countries with relative ease. Furthermore, many countries are becoming extremely heterogeneous.

I feel very strongly about learning important lessons from history that can be applied to today’s world to avert any disastrous events that occurred in the past. As such, learning from the failure of these great empires to deal with the ethnic tensions within their borders, and applying these lessons to today’s world, can be an important piece of research that can help to make the world a better place.

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